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  • All work is carried out by Providence Web Services on the understanding that the client has agreed to Providence Web Services’s terms and conditions.

  • In the situation where a selection of designs are presented to the client, only the final product is deemed as fulfilling the contract. All other designs presented will remain Providence Web Services’s property unless otherwise stated in the brief.

  • Providence Web Services will provide the customer with a written estimate, which needs to be replied to by the customer to indicate acceptance of the brief as well as Providence Web Services’s Terms and Conditions.


  • The client agrees to provide content and material within adequate time as agreed for Providence Web Services to complete the project within the proposed timescale.
  • Providence Web Services will not be held liable for costs, compensation, and loss of earnings incurred due to failure of the project meeting the agreed deadline.

  • If the client requires additions/changes to the design brief, then it is the client’s duty to notify Providence Web Services as soon as possible. These requests will be considered by Providence Web Services with the project’s best interests in mind.

  • Providence Web Services accepts no responsibility that any additions/changes are free of errors and reserve the right to charge accordingly for any correctional work.

  • Providence Web Services will not take any responsibility for copy and imagery supplied by the client.

  • Providence Web Services reserve the right to decline/withdraw any content seen of a copyright nature unless proof has been provided with full permission granted for use.

  • All website, design and code will remain the property of Providence Web Services until payment has been made in full.

  • The customer agrees to allow Providence Web Services to place a small credit on their website.

  • Whilst every measure is taken to ensure that website developments are free of errors, Providence Web Services cannot accept liability of any loss encountered due to malfunction.

  • Providence Web Services will not be involved in disputes between the site owner and their clients/customers for any wrongdoings on the part of the site owner.

  • Providence Web Services will update sites post-completion within the first 28 days where the client believes amendments are needed. Providence Web Services will charge an agreed hourly rate for amendments beyond this period of time.


  • Providence Web Services builds websites to the standards of current and familiar browsers and operating systems.

  • Providence Web Services cannot guarantee browser compatibility across all ranges and versions.

  • Providence Web Services optimizes the build of their client’s sites to suit current screen resolutions unless specifically stated otherwise.


  • Providence Web Services do offer full SEO services, advice may be given to a client upon request also.
    SEO Services are to be agreed between Providence Web Services and the client respectively and charged at cost.

  • Due to external procedures outside of Provide’s control, e.g. search engines changing their performance to index and rank sites, top positioning cannot be guaranteed within search engine rankings.

  • Providence Web Services provides basic on-site SEO best practices to prepare and increase the chances of promoting the site to a larger online audience.


  • Providence Web Services endeavour to ensure that the client’s website will be running indefinitely.

  • Providence Web Services will not be held responsible for costs, compensation and loss of earnings incurred due to downtime of any servers.

  • Providence Web Services reserve the right to refuse/withdraw any material that is deemed to be offensive, illegal or controversial and terminate the remaining hosting service.


  • Bespoke website – A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required as acceptance of any web project along with the signed off brief before any work can commence.

  • Bespoke website – The remaining 50% is due on approval and completion of the site. The site will go live once payment has been completed.

  • Payment may be made by electronic fund transfer or PayPal.

  • Providence Web Services will contact clients via email or postal mail to remind them if payment is not made within the allocated time.

  • Once payment is made in full, it is assumed that the project has been completed to the client’s expectation and no refund can be offered.

  • Payment in full is expected prior to the launch of the site.

  • If accounts aren’t settled or no contact has been made regarding the delay, Providence Web Services holds the right to remove the site from its online state.

  • If the client finds making payment difficult, then please inform Providence Web Services immediately to discuss matters and arrange alternate methods of payment.


  • All work carried out by Providence Web Services is backed up to external storage devices and online cloud storage in the event of any mishaps or hardware/software failure.

  • Providence Web Services does not share/sell clients’ details with any third party companies.

  • Providence Web Services will keep clients’ details privately and secure with use for:
    • Internal record keeping
    • Contacting clients for information on improving services

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